JLTAV Regional Support Scheme Application

Please note: This request for funding should be submitted to JLTAV at least 6 weeks prior to the event taking place in order to ensure sufficient time to advertise and organise the event.  On approval of funding, invoices to be forwarded to JLTAV ( for payment prior to the event taking place. Receipts to be reimbursed may be forwarded either before or after the event, accompanied by a reimbursement request form.

Anticipated Costs

  • Participants should not be charged for any costs that are covered by this funding.
  • Should more information be necessary please add this after the dollar figure or estimate.

Event Details

Method of reimbursement


  • Invoices must have the name and date of the event on them.
  • No reimbursement without original receipts, accompanied by a Regional Support Scheme
  • Reimbursement Request Form (on the JLTAV website) to be sent to the JLTAV office.
  • Please collate all receipts to one Reimbursement Request Form.