The JLTAV is now holding a Certificate of Merit award. The nomination form can be found here:

Certificate of Merit Form

Details are as follows:

Discussed and approved at JLTAV committee meeting April 2016
To be reviewed annually

This award is for a current teacher who has demonstrated exemplary teaching practices in the Japanese language classroom for a minimum of five years. A truly committed and professional educator will be recognised as a continuing advocate for Japanese language education in Victoria.


Nomination and selection process

  1. Nominations open at the start of the new school year. The President of the JLTAV Inc. will make an announcement via email to members. Nominations close at the end of Term 1.
  2. Nominations may only be made by a current JLTAV member and must be seconded by a member of the JLTAV Committee.
  3. Nominations must be submitted on the official nomination form (below) and be accepted in writing by the nominee. The nomination must contain the following information: the full name, address and telephone number of the nominee, the reasons that justify the award, an outline of the nominee’s career with particular reference to contributions relevant to the criteria, and a proposed citation with the words specified on the nomination form plus no more than 300 additional words.
  4. Nominations to be submitted to
  5. The JLTAV committee will consider all the nominations and make decisions against the published criteria. A unanimous decision must be reached for an award to be approved. The selection panel will choose one winner and this decision will be final.
  6. The award recipient will be notified by the JLTAV President, who will also provide the recipient with a copy of the draft citation for approval, and details of the presentation arrangements at the Annual General Meeting.
    NB Confidentiality to be observed throughout the process.

Presentation of awards

The awards will be presented by the JLTAV President at the Annual General Meeting of the JLTAV at the annual JLTAV Conference.

The JLTAV Certificate of Merit will be a framed certificate