Many thanks to the schools who supported our 2022 Calligraphy Competition. Please find below the list of prize winners.

Brush / pencilCategoryPlaceName
BrushPrimary 1/2FirstBeatrix Wheate
BrushPrimary 1/2Second Toby Davis
BrushPrimary 1/2ThirdCharlotte Stephenson
BrushPrimary 3/4FirstMackenzie Fitzgerald
BrushPrimary 3/4SecondDaxton Ferguson
BrushPrimary 3/4ThirdAkira Hirabayashi
BrushPrimary 5/6FirstSena Fukuda
BrushPrimary 5/6SecondThomas Pendergast
BrushPrimary 5/6ThirdVivienne Ronchi
BrushSecondary 7/8FirstMadeleine Grills
BrushSecondary 7/8SecondGrace Ritchie
BrushSecondary 7/8ThirdHtee Moo Hser Morris
BrushSecondary 9/10FirstBella Lynch
BrushSecondary 9/10SecondElla Barnett
BrushSecondary 9/10ThirdKai Jie Cassandra Wan
BrushSecondary 11/12FirstMinuki Satharasinghe
BrushSecondary 11/12SecondCecilia Liu
BrushSecondary 11/12ThirdSoobeen Seong
PencilPrimary 1/2FirstDavina Law
PencilPrimary 1/2Second Alexandra Verdeflor
PencilPrimary 1/2ThirdJun Khoo
PencilPrimary 3/4FirstAkira Hirabayashi
PencilPrimary 3/4SecondMaggie Manelski
PencilPrimary 3/4ThirdGreta Laws
PencilPrimary 5/6FirstCallista Nauli
PencilPrimary 5/6SecondLily Arthur
PencilPrimary 5/6ThirdDaniel Liang
PencilSecondary 7/8FirstHayley Chen
PencilSecondary 7/8SecondElena He
PencilSecondary 7/8ThirdAnnabelle Tan
PencilSecondary 9/10FirstShirly He
PencilSecondary 9/10SecondAmber Qu
PencilSecondary 9/10ThirdOlivia Lup
PencilSecondary 11/12FirstRiki Bao
PencilSecondary 11/12SecondLevinia Duong
PencilSecondary 11/12ThirdNatalie Zhuang

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